Hot Text Messages That You Can Send Her

First some fun, these chicks are hilarious. And they do have some good advice for you in terms of texting… this isn’t some definitive guide here, if you have a couple of minutes to burn, it’s worth a watch… They will make you laugh more than anything and I basically went to their website for steamy pics… ahem… okay what were we talking about…

Okay down to the serious article. Here’s a short article I’ve written for you to get a little more gas out of that text… Let me just put on my serious guy hat and begin… yes, this feels right, it all started…

…a little more than a decade ago, people were sitting at home patiently waiting by the phone for that special someone to reach out to them. Their heart pumping a little harder than normal anticipating the call and anxiously toiling over what he would say to make her think about him once they got off the phone. Communication has become a lot more streamlined over the years. From Instant messenger, to cell phones, to texting and social media chat, there are a myriad of options of ways to get in touch with her. However, one thing remains at the end of the day and that is no matter how you reach out to her, it is all about the words that you say that will keep you on the top of her mind. The same way a dull conversation in person can wreck a connection, the wrong moves while texting her can kill a moment as well. There are ways to learn how to craft your text messages when you text a girl that will get you noticed and keep her waiting to hear back from you.

umm my last gf...

umm my last gf…

The first and most difficult step is getting her number in the first place, so if you have gotten a number and you want to text a girl that you are in to then you are already in a good place. Starting with a basic structure of texting, here are the top seven types of texts that you can send to her to get her thinking about you:

  • Subtle Romance – This is the type of text that insinuates that you are in to her as more than just a friend. You will take the masculine route to wooing her and just start to plant the seeds of getting her so see you as a romantic partner, and not just a friend.
  • Playful Sexuality – Commenting on her body or something that attracts you to her in a way that is non-threatening and will get her engine purring a little bit.
  • Fun Conceit – Girls love confidence on a man. There are precisely zero percent of girls who sit at home and think about how hot it is when a guy complains about his body or looks. Girls want a guy who is going to be uplifting and bring them up, not bring them down. So a little bit of playful cocky statements never hurt anybody, just make sure to not take it too far, because that can be a real turn off.
  • A Taste Of Sweetness – You want to avoid coming off like a sweet talker, but most girls really love when a guy drops a sweet and complimentary comment in to the conversation every once in a while. Truth of the matter is that most people like to hear about how great they are. Only problem is that simply texting a girl about how great she is all day is not enough to keep her engaged. That is why when you text a girl you should sprinkle the sweet talk and compliments as a transition in to other depths of the conversation, or as a way to end the conversation on a high note.
  • Calendar Commander – One of the most consistent ways for you to text a girl and get her to accept an invitation that does not feel like a stuffy and up tight invitation with a lot of pressure attached is to get her to put you on her calendar for events that do not necessarily feel like dates up front. If there is a public event that you and some friends are going to you can tell her that the carnival, or whatever event, is coming up on Friday and she should join you. This way there will be no stress to feel pressured in to the date, yet you will be able to branch off and get the alone time that you want with her.
  • Call To Action – Girls feel good when they feel in control. Incorporating a call to action at the close of a steamy conversation will give them the feeling of being able to call the shots when it comes to the next steps of your interactions. If you close your conversation with something like telling her that you would like to get to know her better, or this conversation might be more enjoyable in person, and then ask her to let you know if she is free on a specific night will give you the control of picking the day but make her feel in command of the outcome. Even though you know if your conversation is getting hot then she is in to getting together.
  • The Follow Up – Once you have finally gotten a girl to agree to get together with you, and it is clear that she is way in to you from all of the fun, sexy, and engaging text conversations that you have gotten in to the best way to ensure that she is thinking about you until you get together is the light and subtle follow up. You can use any of the aforementioned strategies and lightly incorporate them in to one text a day to get her thinking about you. Pestering the girl will be the fastest way to get her to flake, but waiting until the late afternoon to give her time to think about you, and then shooting her a fun, romantic, and playful text with sexual undertones will get her in a frame of mind to really look forward to spending time with you.

That was pretty good no? I kind of like this model of fun and serious. I’ll roll with it a little bit and see where it takes us. Anyway, I posted like three times today… hope you’re getting something out of this. Leave me a comment on the content.

I’ve also started this other website called It’s got some stuff on there about writing a good profile for online dating and such…. later all…


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