10 Reasons Why Girls Hate Your Love Text Messages!

10 Reasons Why Girls Hate Your Love Text Messages!

When you are interested in a girl, there is a lot to take in to consideration when communicating with her. In person and via text messaging can be equally stressful, and they are equally important. One thing that the media has missed the point on is the concept of love text messages. Media paints the picture that all women are doe eyed love monsters that desperately want to be sent love text messages, when in reality it is simply not the case. Most hot girls want to get attention to some degree; however, it has to be the right kind of attention. If a hot girl could be paid for every set of love text messages that she gets on a regular basis, she would be hot and rich as anything. You have to be confident and exude more creativity than crying “love” at every attractive woman.

Don't text me that gushy love text message.... icky....

Don’t text me that gushy love text message…. icky….

  1. Women are not all looking for love on the first date.
  2. If you do not know each other well enough to feel comfortable chatting, then you are not in love.
  3. You could scare her away with preemptive “love” talk
  4. She is looking for attention and meaningful interaction before the “L word”
  5. She would rather you comment on something that you talked about.
  6. Love text messages to early can be vague and confusing
  7. Telling her you love her in the “wooing” phase can make her put up a wall.
  8. She may have been hurt before and be wary of your eagerness
  9. Love can be a huge turn off to someone not looking for it
  10. She may just not be ready for that type of interaction yet

Not only are most single women not looking for instant love, they are also not looking to lifted up and dropped hard, so if you do not know them well enough to be comfortable having normal conversation with them then you most likely are not in love yet. You should save that for a special point in the relationship where you are beyond a shadow of a doubt in love and it is the right time and place. Furthermore, love text messages too soon in the personal engagements can be detrimental to your chances with a woman. Love indicates a certain level of interaction physically and mentally and if the girl you are in to is not at that point yet, then you will be ruining your chances to ever get to that point.

Simply put, love is not a light and joking matter, especially to women. If you send love text messages to early on in the relationship then you damage your chances of ever reaching that point with that girl. Girls today are very confident and independent and they mostly do not search endlessly for that one person to finally drop the “L word” and quick marry them. They have meaning to their daily activities and choices, and look for someone who can compliment their lives nicely. By sending love text messages too early in the relationship you are risking giving he a false sense of what you are all about and this will hurt your opportunities to progress further in the relationship.

By sending love text messages too soon, you may give her two undesirable impressions. One is that you are not serious and that topics like love are not really important to you, and the other is that you are just a sweet talker who is just trying to get her in bed. Either way, you will most likely never get her to fall in love with you, and you most certainly will not be getting her in bed, not a girl worth getting anyway. You are in to this girl and you have all of these feelings built up inside about her, but do not forget that you need to build a foundation to a relationship that is going to be meaningful. Without a foundation, you will only have hopes of creating a superficial relationship that does not have much promise of becoming anything more than a flirtatious interaction.Call me?  no send me a text...

Instead of sending love text messages you should concentrate on sending a bad ass text message that is going to get you noticed and spark an interest in her to see you again soon. You will need to think of specifics from the night that you saw her last. Think about her outfit or her hair, something that she puts effort in to as far as her appearance and make a strong and slightly suggestive comment about how good she looks. It is important to reference something specific about her appearance or personality because any joker out there can make a vague statement about how good a girl looks or how awesome she is. If you send a vague statement then you could have easily just copied and pasted the same comment to twenty different girls. If you use her name and give a specific observation in the message, then you are grabbing her attention and showing her that she is special and the only person who got that message. You are showing her that you took the time to craft a message with the intent of making her feel good.

If you are interested in a girl and you want to show her via text message then you cannot fall back on simply sending her love text messages like every other guy on the planet probably does to her. You need to put together a pointed and specific text message that uses her name and references something specific about her. This will show her that you care, you are observant, and that you are in to her without over doing it with all of the “love” talk. Keep her wanting more.

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