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Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back With TEXT Messages?

Trying to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back?  You have to check out this video that shows you how to do this with text messages.  Believe me I was skeptical, but check out this guy Mike Fiore… first of all, it’s good quality, and he knows what he is talking about.  He was even on the […]


10 Reasons Why Girls Hate Your Love Text Messages!

10 Reasons Why Girls Hate Your Love Text Messages! When you are interested in a girl, there is a lot to take in to consideration when communicating with her. In person and via text messaging can be equally stressful, and they are equally important. One thing that the media has missed the point on is […]


Hot Text Messages That You Can Send Her

First some fun, these chicks are hilarious. And they do have some good advice for you in terms of texting… this isn’t some definitive guide here, if you have a couple of minutes to burn, it’s worth a watch… They will make you laugh more than anything and I basically went to their website for […]