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Hot Text Messages That You Can Send Her

First some fun, these chicks are hilarious. And they do have some good advice for you in terms of texting… this isn’t some definitive guide here, if you have a couple of minutes to burn, it’s worth a watch… They will make you laugh more than anything and I basically went to their website for […]


Text a Girl: Old Site, New Ideas.

Dan here — glad you dropped by.  Just got this site up and I’m going to start loading it up with all the goodies that you could ask for.  But first, a short intro into why I’m building this website. First, how I got it.  Well I was lucky–I love reading texts messages that people […]


Flirting Texts? Get the top 3 best Flirty Texts.

There are certain tips that you will need to follow when texting a girl you like. Every guy needs to know how to talk to girls, and when you learn some of these things even you will be surprised as to what can happen. There are a lot of different ways to flirt through text […]